About Me:


Hey I am Tiffany and this is the story of me: I am in my early late twenties, I am a makeup artist living in Washington state. I like philosophy (sometimes), Jesus, tea (hot and cold), haikus and other forms of poetry including song writing, street cred, art, music, pop culture, jokes, friends, being alone, bare feet, justice, spoilers, traveling, target, icelandic melodies, lip gloss, dresses, naps, fishing, beaches, daydreaming, Australia, shooting guns (not at living things, just target practice) discovery health channel, running through the streets of London in the rain, culture, and speaking in tongues without interpretation.

This page is basically about my life and self discovery. The Majority of posts in this blog will be centered around art and life including (but not limited to) music, visual art and some poetry. I eventually want to start featuring some of my friends who have careers in aesthetics be patient with me because I hate doing things half-assed and its going to be awhile before I get this site up the way I want it so just keep checking. Thanks for reading and drop me a line if ya want to or if you have seen something you think I should feature.


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